M7566 Ankara Print Maxi Dress

Hey Y’all! I know its been awhile since a did a blog post. I have been super busy! I have at least 4 pieces finished that I have been wearing and have not photographed. Yikes!

So, I have taken on the task of becoming a better dress maker. Sewing dresses for myself is not one of my sewing super powers. I rarely struggle with the construction of a garment, but getting the perfect fit is a whole different ball game. I’ve sewn about 4 dress for myself and every time the fit is just…Meh. I like v-neck bodice dresses because I don’t want to have a serious case of uni-boob going on.

M7566 waiting for a zipper and a hem.

Here is the first piece in my “Kaye Gets the Fit” series. I chose M7566 because it has a v-neck fitted bodice and length variations. I knew I wanted a maxi dress and I had just purchased some ankara fabric from a local fabric store here in Houston.


I decided on view B because maxi dresses are easy to wear for spring or summer.

Pattern Description: M7566 Fitted-through-bodice dress has bodice and length variations.

Fabric Used:  I used an ankara cotton print for the dress and lightweight blue broadcloth for the lining.


  •  I added pockets to the side seams.
  • After installing my invisible zipper, I managed to melt it while giving my dress a final press. So I had to insert a regular zipper using the lapped zipper method. (It was late and I was trying to have my dress ready for Sunday morning).
  • I also finished my dress with a 2″ inch hem although the pattern calls for a 5/8″ hem.


Would you sew it again? Yes, but I would need to do an FBA on the bodice of the dress and raise the neck line a few inches. It was not my plan to wear a mini tank under this dress, but the v-neck would be too scandalous to wear without it.

Would you recommend it to others? Yes. It is a very easy sew.

Overall: I think this would be a great addition to your summer wardrobe if you like maxi dresses.



While I ponder on how to fix my fit issues, here are some pictures of my Mom wearing the bomber jacket I made her for Mother’s Day.

As you can see, she is always camera ready and knows her angles. She loves the jacket and only found one mistake! Gotta love a sewing Momma.


I think its time for me to put my sewing books to good use. How do you deal with fit issues? Do you muslin or measure twice and cut once? Let me know. Cheers!


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Kaye Williams

I am DIY blogger for serial hobbyist. I cook and bake better than I sew, but I'm working on that.

13 thoughts on “M7566 Ankara Print Maxi Dress”

  1. Love the dress you made didn’t think i would until you modeled it. Also, my jacket is near perfect but i know the next one will be. i do love it and travels with me in my car so i can show it off to my friends. keep up the good work , the more you sew the better you will be. Love You!!


  2. I love the dress. It looks great on you! I’m so glad that at least one of our girls enjoy sewing. Keep it up, you will only get better.


  3. I LOVE your dress and that fabric, holy smokes! I had a great reduction 7 years ago and Lo and behold they came back….bad gene pool. If it doesn’t have a princess seam it doesn’t fit me. Of course I would have to be short too! I wanted to ask you about Ankara fabrics. Every year the past 10 years I go to Quilt Week in Paducah. There is a vender there from Africa selling fabrics from Africa. So every year I have bought 6 each year. They were just called African fabrics then but now I hear them called Ankara. How did they get that name? I have a boatload of them and made a gorgeous quilt with about 20 of the prints. Thank you and I love your blog and you are hilarious! Amie 🙂


    1. Thanks for stopping by Amie! It is my understanding that Ankara, African prints and Dutch wax prints are used interchangeable when describing fabric. They are all usually 100% cotton. It was introduced to me as Ankara, so that is what I call it.


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