M7505 Bell Sleeve Dress

2017 is the year of the sleeves. This is a trend that I don’t see ending for awhile. I might have one or two more sleeve projects to complete before I am done with them.

I picked up this pattern last fall from Joann, a Nicole Miller pattern, M7505. It is described as a semi-fitted dress at the bust. M7505_aI picked up some denim chambray fabric and immediately cut out the pattern. Then I put it down until last week. I was invited to a party and needed a dress (not really), so I went deep into my stash and found this purple lace.


I picked this up from Hancock Fabrics a few years ago. I’m not sure what type of lace it is, but I am not a fan. I decided to give it a go anyway because I might like it. It was my Mom who convinced me to go for the lace dress. Luckily I didn’t cut my chambray! It lives on to see another project. I used a solid purple fabric for the lining that was also in my stash. I’m not sure of the texture but it has nice drape and its not too heavy. I think it might be a light weight suiting.




Pattern Description: M7505 Semi-fitted through the bust dresses have back zipper (this dress does not have a zipper, it has a hook and eye closure), French darts and long trumpet sleeves. B: Lace overlay.

Fabric Used: Lightweight Suiting and Lace for the overlay.

Modifications: I finished the lace with all french seams. Fancy!

Would you sew it again? No, I would not sew this dress again. I only need one dress with all of this drama.

Would you recommend it to others? Yes. I would recommend it to others. It is a quick and easy sew. This dress has a ton of ease and it should be described more as a loose fitted dress.

Overall: While, I received a ton of compliments on my dress at the party, this is a one and done for me. My curves are way to bootylicious to hide behind a loose fitting dress.

Some after the party pictures.

I’m usually not a trend follower, but I genuinely like the sleeve trend. What trends are you following for this upcoming spring? Cheers!

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