Camouflage and Sequin Jacket M7365

I’m the type of person that loves to wear sequin during the day. I genuinely love to sparkle. I don’t subscribe to the rule of wearing sparkle after 5. So, I present to you my mashup of a camouflage and sequin safari style jacket.


Fall has slowly been peaking its way into Houston, so I have been grabbing this jacket everyday to stay cool and get my sparkle on.


I used McCall’s M7365 to bring two textures that you normally wouldn’t see together to life. This pattern is currently out of print, which is weird, because I just bought it last fall.

Pattern Description: Misses’ Safari-Style Collared Vest, Jackets and Belt

Fabric Used:  I used a camaflague broadcloth for the main fabric and mermaid gold and black sequin for the back yoke.

Modifications: I did a 1″ FBA on the front of the jacket and I eliminated the sash. I also used sequin for the yoke.

When sewing with sequin, it is suggested that you remove them from the seam allowance so you don’t damage your needle or your machine when sewing. I watched the entire 6th season of Call the Midwife before I finally finished. I completed this jacket in September, and I am still finding sequin in the most random places.


Would you sew it again? Maybe. I am still on the hunt for perfect safari or cargo jacket.

Overall: I love everything about this jacket. It is my new favorite thing until I make my next new favorite thing. The directions were very good and with the right fabric, you can truly make it your own.


My favorite thing about this jacket is that I can button it up and the buttons are not screaming for help. I will probably wear it open most of the time, but having the option to close it is nice.

I have 2 yards of this fabric left. I’m trying to decide if I should make some pants or use it for the front of a sweatshirt. The thought of removing all of that sequin has me thinking I need to chill for a bit. More photos below.



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I am DIY blogger for serial hobbyist. I cook and bake better than I sew, but I'm working on that.

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