Simplicity 8392 Cropped Hoodie

Hey y’all! I hope everyone had a great summer. While it is technically fall, here in Texas, we still have highs of 90 degrees in October.

Since I didn’t post all summer, I’ll be updating my blog with items I made this summer as my schedule permits.

Let’s get started.

When I first saw the pattern for a cropped hoodie, I thought, who would wear half of a jacket? Does it keep half of your body warm and the rest cold? Well, the answer to that question is yes and yes.


I went on runcation with a couple of my girlfriends in June, where we accomplished the amazing feat of running 3 half marathons in 3 states (Idaho, Wyoming and Utah) in 3 days. My cropped hoodie was perfect for the early starts, because the morning temperature was in the mid 40s and mid 70s by mid day. The hoodie is perfect for people who like to be slightly warm, but get hot as soon they start moving.


Pattern Description: Simplicity 8392. This knit sport separates the pattern in sizes XXS to XXL features a sports bra, mini hoodie and cropped leggings with attached skirt.

Fabric Used: I used a denim graffiti print knit that I purchased from JoAnn.

Would you sew it again? Yes. I want to make a white one.

 Would you recommend it to others? Yes.


Overall: The instructions were okay until it was time to install the zipper. Since this a Mimi G pattern, I decided to check out the video for tips on the zipper installation. It was a good thing I watched the video, because the rest of it sewed up easily, until I zipped off the zipper pull! Then I had to go buy another zipper.

How not to install a zipper.

Other than the user error on my part, this was an easy sew. Read the directions once for reference, then go to the YouTube tutorial.


Here is a picture of me after the final race day. Just for fun.

I survived the Bear Lake Trifecta Endurance Challenge.

I then spent the rest of my summer devouring Nutella Swirl Pound cake, weekly. More on that later! What did you make this summer?









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