Orange Peplum Jacket

I really wanted an orange jacket.

Before I get into the details of my new orange jacket, because this is my first sewing post, let me tell you about my sewing background.

I am a 3rd generation seamstress. My maternal grandmother and my mother both sew. My grandmother took up sewing because she had 12 kids and wanted them to look nice and it was more economical. My mother took up sewing because she didn’t like the clothes her mom made. I sew because I like to work with my hands and I like to create interesting pieces. I loved the clothes my mom made for me. If I ask her nicely, she will sew for me right now.

So, I took one semester of Home Economics Sewing and continued to work with my mom to become a better seamstress. I stopped and started on and off, picking up other hobbies but I would always return to sewing. 

After the birth of my daughter, I started sewing again and here I am. 

Now, here are the details on my jacket.

McCall’s M7513 is described as a fitted, lined jacket with back princess seams, with length and peplum options.


I chose view A because I was drawn to the pleated peplum and back belt detail. It sewed up easily with the exception of the buttonholes, but that is because my sewing machine is evil and I need a new one.


Fabric Used:

Jacket – Orange/Tangerine Stretch Cotton Twill (purchased from Craftsy)

Lining – Animal print Lining Fabric (purchased from JoAnn)

Sleeve patches – Suede Cowhide Elbow Patches (purchased from JoAnn)



  1. I did a 1 inch bicep adjustment for my arms.
  2. I added leather elbow patches to the sleeves because I like elbow patches on jackets.
  3. I finished all visible seams with seam binding that I made from the lining fabric.


This was not a difficult pattern. The directions were very straightforward. I would have finished earlier, but I decided to get fancy with my seam finishing. Honestly, it would have been easier to fully line this jacket and I could have used the bagged lining method.


Overall, I like this jacket. I don’t think I would make it again but if you like peplums, you should definitely give this one a go.




Let me know what you think? My favorite part is the lining. How do you personalize your jackets?




Published by

Kaye Williams

I am DIY blogger for serial hobbyist. I cook and bake better than I sew, but I'm working on that.

13 thoughts on “Orange Peplum Jacket”

  1. beautiful jacket and love the finished seams in the different contrast. color complements you and it looks great on you. thanks for the history of my sewing family. keep up the good work!!


  2. I recently bought this pattern and your version is an inspiration. The fit looks great and the colour is beautiful for you. I love your choice of lining and the finishing touches on the seams.


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